An international love story that grew into a bike shop and yoga studio (or would that be sho-udio?) required a move for one of us and in 2012, I retired from the US Military and moved from Alaska to Luleå. I brought with me a bike and a 25 year love of all things cycling and the outdoor lifestyle I had in Alaska. Now we are committed cyclists, skiers, kayakers and triathletes and eager for new experiences and challenges in life. Susanne had been interested in yoga for years and chose to take the next step to become an instructor and transform her interest in her practice and share her enthusiasm and views on yoga. She is convinced that yoga is for all and does not need to be elitist or restrictive. Now I am a convert and benefit from yoga as well. We decided to take our shared passions and open up a place where we would like to go in and feel at home. We want a place where we can talk, drink coffee and plan adventures without feeling pressure to buy something (of course you are welcome to buy:)).

When Eric moved to Luleå I had a pink ladies bike with a basket in front, which I thought was perfect for my use. When I tried to cycle with him and his cyclocross bike I tried to pretend that it was not too tough. Eric thought I was crazy cycling in the forest or road on the heavy bike and even laughed when I went uphill. ”You know baby it doesn’t have to be so tough” he said. How much difference can there be I thought?

Now three bikes later, I know how big the difference can be. The comparison between my old bike and my road bike is like a Volvo station wagon and a Porsche. I have also found that a Porsche doesn’t work in every condition. Sometimes one needs a Subaru Forester or a jeep with big tires for the dirt, snow and sand. After the road bike came the mountain bike and fat bike also. And now I know the cyclists formula: expressed as N+1 , where N stands for the number of bikes you currently have……….

Our idea is simple. A meeting point for cyclists and yogis of all levels to try, buy and rent excellent quality equipment and spread the active lifestyle. We do not want to be ”the biggest”, or ”the cheapest” or ” the anything”. We want to be a small customer focused and friendly place. Your bike and yoga place.


Susanne & Eric